The GITI Mission

June 8, 2007

The original intention of the Getting It Together Interface (GITI) was as a short-term journal tool and as a temporary schedule utility. These goals were met, but it was later determined that GITI's data could be valuble both in the short term and in the long term. Since GITI's original inception on June 17, 2003 it has surpassed its original programming to move forward to become a robust data management system. GITI's vision until the start of its conversion to its version 2.0 architecture was fairly "short-sighted", only providing users with easy access to their most current data, storing everything else behind the scenes for archival purposes. This "archive" GITI forms has the capactity to be useful to piece together information about events, and times in a person's life that otherwise may have been much more than a blur of sticky-notes.

The new mission for GITI is to be a life-management tool for its users. Current modules have missions of helping users get a handle on their schedules, todo items, educational requirements and even their fitness routine. GITI's goal is to intergrate all aspects of the end-user's life and make it more manageable, to allow more time for living.

A very small part of the task of GITI is to record history. Years will pass and GITI will still hold on to information about the most insucnificant, or sucnificant events. The GITI Journal will always remain for things that are more complex than can be explained in a few small text fields.