Data Fields Policy

June 8, 2007

Begining in Getting It Together Interface version 2.0, all GITI modules must carry their own field information. There may be a common field management system for all modules, but ultimately each module is responsible for providing access to the fields registry for itself and only itself.

This Ideal is established to promote the uniformity of the GITI system and to move towards the goal of each module being able to operate independent of its parent UI ("The Interface", "The GITI").

In addition, each module shall keep its "user registerables" to a minimum. The prefered action for GITI is to have most fields assigned to "system", giving a consistent and expected set of field values for future revisions to a module. With that stated, it is also important to observe that all GITI modules utilizing the fields system should allow administrator and/or end-user expansion of the availible values.